Volunteer with Us

Casual Volunteer Opportunities

Event Specialist: Our chapter offers one time volunteer opportunities that fits your busy schedule. We will email you before the event with event details and help needed. You can decide if you are available and interested then. There is no requirement of how many events you need to attend, it’s entirely up to you.

Possible duties:

  • Assist in event set up, such as PEO banners, projectors, etc.
  • Assist at registration table to answer questions and check in.
  • Photographer of the event.
  • Keynote/Guest speaker of the event.

Advisor: Our chapter is always looking for ideas to organize new events. You have an idea/suggestion, we would like to hear it at ottawa@peo.on.ca .

Awards Committee

Awards Coordinator: The Chapter has a recognition program for professional engineers from the Ottawa Chapter who have improved our quality of life through the ingenious application of their engineering skills. Recipients’ achievements are significantly above the normally high standards of the profession. The presentation of this award is also aimed at furthering public understanding of the professional engineer’s role in society. The Chapter awards are modelled after the provincial Ontario Professional Engineers Awards (OPEA) and recognize, through general member nominations, those who have made outstanding contributions to their profession and their community in the following categories: Engineering Excellence; Management; Entrepreneurship; Young Engineer; and Citizenship. The awards coordinator will assist in administering the annual awards program, including advertising and call for nominations, reviewing and evaluating submissions, selecting winning candidates as part of a panel, and organizing the award presentation ceremony. Other duties of the awards coordinator include volunteer recognition, and pipeline award recipients at the chapter level as candidates for the OPEA program.

This opportunity provides:

  • A means to connect with the Ottawa Chapter engineering community to recognize excellence
  • A vehicle to enhance public awareness of the great work engineers do
  • Insights into activities and initiatives undertaken by the local engineering community
  • An opportunity to work with fellow panelists, executive members and volunteers

Contact email: opeo.awards@gmail.com

Communications Committee

Communications Volunteer: The Communications Committee plays an important role in sharing events and information with the Ottawa Chapter members.  Our primary communications tools include our website, social media (FacebookTwitter & LinkedIn) and E-Blast. Experience with web development would be an asset. 

Contact email: opeo.comm@gmail.com

Licensure Assistance Program (LAP) Committee

LAP Guide: The Ottawa Licensure Assistance Program (LAP) runs six months annually. Guides from all engineering disciplines welcomed. Commitments include:

  • Meet with intern two hours monthly for over six months in person or use technology.
  • Discuss intern’s issues by phone or email and provide support as needed.
  • Review intern’s experience history with the intern to learn from success and set-backs.
  • Provide feedback to LAP committee to forward to PEO headquarters.

Note: P.Eng. is required for this position.

LAP Intern: The Ottawa Licensure Assistance Program (LAP) typically runs six months annually between mid-June to mid-December. Intern’s commitments include:

  • Meet with guide two hours monthly for over six months in person or use technology.
  • Take initiative and bring issues and questions to guide for discussion and exploration.
  • Review experience history with the guide to learn from success and set-backs.
  • Provide feedback to LAP committee to forward to PEO headquarters.

Note: Job hunting is beyond the scope of the program. EIT is required for this position.

Return intern can log into the LAP account to reenroll, please click here – Link .

Program Coordinator: The LAP committee organizes the licensure assistance program (LAP) and student/EIT events providing assistance for EIT’s licensure process. The LAP links engineering interns (interns) with licensed professional engineers (guides) to provide the interns with guidance and support as they progress towards obtaining their professional engineering license. More LAP information available here – Link .

The program coordinator will generate new EIT event ideas, recruit guides and interns for LAP, plan and organize LAP information/training session, appreciation dinner, networking and licensure related events. This opportunity provides:

  • A means to bridge between engineering students, EITs and professional engineers.
  • An opportunity to work with executive members and volunteers.
  • Insights into different individual’s journey of becoming a professional engineer.

Note: P.Eng. / EIT is required for this position.

Contact email: opeo.lap@gmail.com

Engagement Committee

Program Coordinator: The engagement committee engages the engineering community to increase cooperation between engineering organizations and volunteering. The program coordinator creates and carries out strategies for executive board and committees to engage PEO members and members of other engineering organizations to encourage volunteering. Other duties include planning and hosting volunteer orientation meetings, networking and appreciation events.

This opportunity provides:

  • An opportunity to work with all committees, executive members and volunteers.
  • Insights into engineering activities undertaken by the local engineering community.

Contact email: opeo.engage@gmail.com

Education Outreach Committee

Outreach Coordinator: The Education Outreach Committee has an important role in the community, we work to promote engineering to youths, students, professionals and the public. By organizing education outreach activities to inspire youth, students, professional and the public to explore engineering as a career. As an Outreach Coordinator your task would be to assist the committee members by attending various community events within a team based environment. You will be asked to join the team during half day or full day events that involve hands on activities at malls, museums or community centers with the Chapter Boundaries. All material and training is generally provided. This role requires someone that is willing to engage and communicate with the public.

Contact email: opeo.edu@gmail.com

Events Committee

Event Planner: The Chapter conceives, plans and delivers events across a variety of categories as outreach to professional members, engineers-in-training, students and the general public. The event planner is responsible for generating ideas for diverse events of interest to members and their families, including picnics, sporting events, seminars, tours, team building and more. Working as a member of the Events Committee, the event planner will generate new ideas, contact possible venues, speakers, and service providers, negotiate pricing and formulate a proposal including budgetary estimate for consideration by the committee as a possible event to deliver. This opportunity provides:

  • The chance to interact with, engage and influence the greater Ottawa-area engineering community
  • Personal growth opportunities in developing outreach strategies, conceiving , planning and proposing potential events of interest
  • Insights into everything that is going on at the chapter.
  • An opportunity to work with all committees, executive members and volunteers.

Event Coordinator: The event coordinator is involved in executing all planned activities and events to engage the general membership for both in technical and social activities including seminars, tours, networking, sports and more. This role involves a wide scope including venue and logistics research, event setup and registration, day-of running of the event, communication of the event, and post-event analysis to identify carry-forward best practices.

This opportunity provides:

  • Developing or applying event planning strategies, techniques and tools.
  • Developing outreach plans, logistics preparation, negotiation with service providers
  • Insights into everything that is going on at the chapter.
  • An opportunity to work with all committees, executive members and volunteers.

Contact email: opeo.event@gmail.com

Executive Committee Director: Vacancies on the Executive Committee occur from time to time and will be filled on an as-needed basis.   If you are interested in joining the Executive Committee in the future, please speak with one of the Directors. For information on the role of Executive Committee Directors, refer to the Duties of Directors document – PDF