List of Awards

The Ottawa Chapter is comprised of engineers in a wide variety of disciplines working in the public and private sector in various enterprises.  Engineers produce significant achievements, and as a professional community, it is important to take the time to recognize and celebrate these accomplishments.  Modelled after the Ontario Professional Engineers Awards (OPEA) at the provincial level, the Ottawa Chapter has created a chapter level recognition program for members from the Ottawa Chapter who have improved our quality of life through the ingenious application of their engineering skills and service to our community.  The presentation of an award is also aimed at furthering public understanding of the professional engineer’s role in society.

The PEO Ottawa Chapter recognizes professional engineers in the Ottawa Chapter who have made outstanding contributions to their profession and their community, with awards in the following categories:

  • Engineering Excellence –  recognizing overall excellence in the practice of engineering, where the innovative application of engineering knowledge and principles has solved a unique problem, led to advanced products, or produced above-average results.
  • Management –  for managing and directing engineering projects or enterprises, where innovative management practice has contributed significantly to the overall excellence of the engineering achievement.
  • Entrepreneurship –  recognizing those applying new technologies or innovative approaches that have enabled new companies to get started, and/or assisted established companies to grow in new directions. The engineer should have demonstrated the initiative, energy and spirit it takes to seek out new ideas and to take a leading role in fostering and promoting them.
  • Young Engineer Award –  recognizing outstanding young Ottawa Chapter engineers, who have made exceptional achievements in their chosen fields. To be eligible for nomination in the Young Engineer Award category, a candidate must be no older than 35 years of age as of December 31 in the year the nomination is submitted; and have demonstrated excellence, not only in career, but also in community and professional participation.
  • Citizenship Award –  recognizing a professional engineer’s contributions to volunteer activities and public service. Those who earn this award have given freely of their time, professional experience and engineering expertise – to the benefit of humanity.
  • Engineering Intern Award – recognizing an engineering intern’s commitment to leadership and engineering profession through volunteer’s activities.  To be eligible for nomination in the Engineering Intern category, a candidate must be a registered Engineering Intern at the time of nomination.