Licensure Assistance Program

Vision & Mission

The Vision of LAP is to contribute to the development of individuals who adhere to the highest standards of engineering practice, and are capable of assuming leadership roles within their companies and communities.

The mission of LAP is to provide a one on one opportunity for less experienced members, EITs/Interns, to receive the valuable knowledge from well experienced licensed professionals, P.Engs/Guides/Mentors, which helps them along the way of acquiring their licensure.

LAP 2019

The 2019 Licensure Assistance Program in Ottawa will run from July 2019 to January 2020. We are seeking the registration of new EITs and Guides through the PEO website, whereupon we will closely match the Guides and EITs for the program.

Throughout the six months of the program, Guides will provide EITs with guidance and support as they progress towards their professional licensure status.

We are currently seeking guides for the 2019 program.  Your valuable experience is needed to help guide a young intern to licensure. Volunteer to be a part of this great initiative!  For more information about becoming a guide, please contact:

Return guides and interns can log into your LAP account ( Link ) to re-enroll.

More Information

More information on the Licensure Assistance Program can be found here – Link

  • LAP Orientation Online Learning Module – Link
  • PEO Guides handbook – PDF
  • PEO Intern handbook – PDF


Mentor Testimonials

“Mentoring is a great way to give back to the engineering community and to continue to stay connected with another generation of engineers. The learning and sharing goes both ways, and was an extremely positive experience.” — Lisa Nicol (P.Eng, Mentor, 2012)

“The Mentorship program has allowed me to gain even more experience and knowledge about the PEO application process. For my own application it was probably the most straightforward process available, however I now have had the opportunity to mentor ITEs through the process. It has been a both a rewarding, and a learning experience!” — Mathew Main (P.Eng, Mentor, 2012)

“I will participate and greatly enjoyed last year’s process. My experiences were positive and helped me better understand what I need to do as a mentor. I feel it is important to give back to the community and encourage new engineers.

I felt the need to meet more regularly with other mentors to ensure I provided what was needed and do so in a similar manner as other mentors. This is something we will encourage with our new groups of mentees and mentors.” — Pierre Lagault (P.Eng, oPEO Chair, Mentor, 2012)

“The PEO Mentorship program is an important element in helping EITs gain registration as PEngs. However, having been through the program in 2012, I have some observations to make:

1. Relevant professional experience is required in order to become a P.Eng, if the mentee is employed in a position that does not have the required technical content, there is nothing that the mentor can do. Specifically, participation in the mentorship program is not a substitute for suitable employment.

2. Following on from the above, and has been emphasized frequently, the mentor must not be expected, and in my case simply cannot, help the mentee find employment with the required technical content.

3. Finally, participation in the mentorship program requires a commitment of time and effort on both sides. If a mentee is unable or unwilling to make the required time/effort commitment, then he/she should not enter the program.” — John Anderson (P.Eng, Mentor, 2012)

Mentee Testimonials

“My mentor was a great person who helped answer my many questions on getting my write started which has been a major stumbling block for me. Because we had common experience in telecom he was able to understand my unique needs and experience and gave me excellent guidance to my continued process to licensure. I highly recommend this opportunity to any EIT.” — Phil Kiazyk (EIT, Mentee, 2012)


Terms Of Reference

Committee Chair: Sharon Barr
Members: Sana Abou Shaaban, Haitham Kayyali, Rihab Abu-Khater, Tapan Das, Olayinka Osinupubi

Contact Email: