Bridging the Gap Between Government and Industry

Background: Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, which means many important decisions are made right here, which affect the Canadian Industry. The Federal Government is responsible for making laws: Acts / Regulations / REGDOCs / Codes & Standards. Additionally, the government supports the Industry through Programs / Initiatives, to stimulate the Economy. These laws are used by Engineers in the industry everyday and these Initiatives could benefit Engineers in the Industry.

Challenge: 1) employees working in the Federal/Provincial/Municipal Legislative branch of Government may not have the necessary background knowledge of all questions about the Industry; and 2) the Federal/Provincial/Municipal Legislative branch of Government organize conferences to present their Programs/Initiatives, however a) usually these conferences are very expensive, b) require distant travel and accommodation, and c) have time limitations due to complex schedule.

Opportunity: the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) – Ottawa Chapter (oPEO) is launching a new Speakers Series to develop the relationship between Government and Industry.

Purpose: to provide an opportunity for Government and Industry professionals to connect and learn from each other.

Objectives: 1) Regulatory Literacy: to help Industry professionals understand the regulatory system structure, the process for developing regulatory documents, and ways to get involved; 2) Industry Awareness: to help Industry professionals understand Government initiatives aimed to support the Industry; and 3) Government Awareness: to help Government learn about the Industry.


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