Advancing Womxn’s Licensure

Program Plan:
Advancing Womxn’s Licensure (AWL) aims to assist in achieving the
30by30 goals through a multifaceted approach to develop a talent pipeline that: 1)
provides them with resources to succeed in engineering education and careers as
licensed engineers, and 2) celebrates and showcases the diversity (of careers,
backgrounds, interests etc.) within the engineering profession. Towards that aim,
the program will have the following key components.

  • Seminars series – A series of seminars and talks will focus on those already in
    the profession. The series for students and professionals will primarily focus
    on topics such as the need for licensure, the steps towards obtaining licenses,
    and the various career paths available within the profession. The series will
    focus on exposing local and internationally trained students and
    professionals (e.g. EIT) to the possibilities of engineering (i.e. both
    ‘traditional’ and ‘non-traditional’ forms of careers) and informational talks
    (e.g. different avenues available to become licensed). A minimum of 60% of
    the speakers will be those that identify as female.
  • Site visits – The site visits will be hosted by partner organizations (30 by 30
    champions) and will be an opportunity for both students, early career
    professionals to visit local organizations engaged in the practise of
    engineering. This will not only provide the attendees to get a sense of the life
    of a licensed engineer within these organizations but also provide an
    opportunity for attendees to connect and network with local professionals in
    the community.
  • Job shadowing – The program participant cohort will be paired with
    engineers in various organizations for one or two week job shadowing
    placements. The goal will be to showcase the various organizations
    undertaking engineering work locally and to demonstrate the different
    career paths of licensed engineers and options available to new engineers.
  • Engineer profile – This will be a web based resource showcasing
    licensed engineers from different disciplines, personal backgrounds, and
    career stages who have agreed to be showcased and have also agreed to be
    contacted by engineering students and EITs for advice and information.
    More information will be available soon, with a pilot phase to be
    launched in 2021.

Committee Members:

  • Co-creator and Primary Program Leads – Sujoy Ghosh Hajra & Lokmanee Proag
  • Secondary Program Leads – Joe Podrebarac & Sana Abou Shaaban
  • Site Visit and Job Shadowing Team – Ishwar Bhatia, Sana Abou Shaaban and Rihab Abu-Khater
  • Seminar Series Team – Joe Podrebarac, Sandy Bhogal and Ishwar Bhatia
  • Engineer Profile Team – Sujoy Ghosh Hajra, Rihab Abu-Khater and Sandy Bhogal