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Engineer In Residence Program

Engineer Your FutureThe Engineer in Residence (EIR) program is a unique partnership between engineers, educators, industry and government that brings real-world experience to the teaching of science, technology and mathematics

The EIR program matches a volunteer engineer with an elementary or high school in his or her area. Working with teachers, administrators and students over an entire school year, the engineer becomes part of the school community and helps bridge the gap that can exist between the real world and classroom theory. Seeing the practical applications of what they are taught, students gain a better understanding of why they are learning certain subjects. The engineer also serves as a positive role model, promoting scientific and technological literacy while motivating students to pursue education and careers in science, technology and math.

The EIR program provides support and resources to all participants. This includes guides for setting up and running the program, resource materials and curriculum-linked classroom-tested activities, training sessions, networking events and public relations in the community.

Professional Engineers Ontario spearheads the program with the support of industry and government.

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