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Ottawa Chapter Boundaries

In 2007, the PEO Chapter Boundary Task Force reviewed the boundaries of all of the chapters, and recommended some revisions that were subsequently adopted. Basically, the chapters were revised to be based on postal codes, instead of out-of-date electoral districts. For the Ottawa Chapter, the relevant description is:

The Ottawa Chapter includes all of Greater Ottawa with the boundary roughly defined to include:

  • Lanark County North of Highway #7 between Baker Lake and Perth,
  • Lanark County North of County Road #43 from Perth to Merrickville,
  • North of the Rideau Canal from Merrickville to Highway #416,
  • From Highway #416 Easterly along the County Boundary, extending to a point intersecting Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry County Road #7 to approximately Moose Creek,
  • Northerly to the Ottawa River west of Prescott and Russell CR# 19 but not including Windover or properties fronting on the County Road, and
  • The Ottawa River between Windover and Arnprior.

The Canada Post Forward Sorting Areas associated with Ottawa Chapter are all Ottawa forward sortation areas plus K0A, K7C, K7S, K4K and K4R.

A copy of the full task force report is available here.

This map is derived from OpenStreetMaps and copyright under CC-BY-SA.

Ottawa Chapter Boundaries

A larger version (also printable) is available here.
A more detailed map is available here, but cannot be printed or redistributed due to copyright reasons: Please respect this.

As of 2011, the boundary is changing to ensure all of Smith's Falls' and Perth's hinterlands are included in the Thousand Island Chapter.

The detailed text description of boundaries (and changes) can be found here.

The new map will look like:

Ottawa Chapter Boundaries
This map is derived from OpenStreetMaps and copyright under CC-BY-SA.

A larger version (also printable) is available here, or by clicking the image above.

If you would like to see more detail on the map above, please contribute to the OpenStreetMap project.

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